About the region - Urząd Miejski w Miękini

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Gminy Miękinia

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About the region

Gmina of Miękinia is situated in the centre of Dolny Śląsk Voivoidship, in Środa Śląska Powiat on the left bank of the Odra River, bordering on Wrocław, the capital of the region to the east .

Its geographical location is beneficial as the distance between Miękinia and the centre of Wrocław is only 22.5 km. Gmina of Miękinia belongs to Wrocław metropolitan area, and remaining under a considerable influence of the city, has an excellent possibility of economic , social and cultural development with the prospects of vital European significance in the future.

The greatest potential of the area lies in the differentiation of transport infrastructure:
  • road transport: the motorway A-4 and the national road No 94 Wrocław-Środa Śląska-Lubin,
  • the arterial railway line E-30 connecting Germany with Ukraine and running through southern part of Poland (Zgorzelec - Wrocław - Kraków - Medyka) with two stops in the region: Mrozów and Miękinia.
  • Airline - 15 km from the airport in Wrocław
  • Miękinia is the region which combines its rich historic past, the beauty of the Odra landscapes and a modern concept of management, the essence of which is a consequently realized strategy of investment - friendly atmosphere. All the recently accomplished investments can be credited to a pro - investment policy of the local authorities.
Basic information about the region:
  • Area: 17294 ha
  • Population: 12 000 people
  • The number of the village administration offices (sołectwo): 28
Economic advantages of Gmina (municipality) of Miękinia:
Beneficial localization in the centre of the voivoidship of Dolny Śląsk, between the agglomerations of Wrocław and Legnica. Advantageous localization in the neighbourhood of important transport infrastructure ( the motorway A4, the national road 94, and the railway E-30) as well as of the main ring road of Wrocław which is just under the construction. Nearness of the Industrial Park Źródła – Błonie. Its total area is 125 ha, a part of which already belongs to private investors. There is a possibility of co-operation with the companies already functioning within the park Pro-investment policy of the local authorities and friendly attitude of the inhabitants may be confirmed by numerous investments. Such companies as Poland Alloys Ltd, Proma Polska Ltd, ROPA Polska Ltd, Tektura Wrocław Ltd, Verpa Folie Wrocław Ltd, Clinico Medical Ltd, Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe “Bisek”, JORDAHL&PFEIFER BUILDING TECHNOLOGY Ltd, and Agencja Celna I Spedycyjno – Transportowa “ ODRA-TRANS” ( customs,shipping and transport agency) have already made their investments in the region.

A team of professional and experienced workers well -qualified for proficient service of investors ensuring free of charge assistance as far as the formal and legal procedures in accordance with the Polish legislation are concerned Nearness of Wrocław scientific research centres and other institutions supporting economic activity Industrial Park “Źródła - Błonie”

Favourably located areas of economic activity and investment are mainly situated in the Industrial Park Źródła - Błonie , which is 8 km far from the borders of Wrocław and 22.5 km far from its centre, by the national road No 94.Its total area is 125 ha. (A part of it is already owned by private investors.) Such companies as Poland Alloys Ltd, Proma Polska Ltd, ROPA Polska Ltd, Tektura Wrocław Ltd, Verpa Folie Wrocław Ltd, Clinico Medical Ltd, Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe “Bisek”, JORDAHL&PFEIFER BUILDING TECHNOLOGY Ltd, Agencja Celna I Spedycyjno - Transportowa “ODRA-TRANS” have already made their investments in the park.

Another factor crucial for the development of the region is the implement of the project of Miękinia Industrial Park planning the usage of 20 ha (owned by Poland Alloys of Katowice)for creating a strong and functional production, service and logistics centre in building and metal industry. More than 10 new plants offering 300 jobs will be settled in the park. At the moment about 10 ha of the area has already been used. Far advanced preliminary and designing works are being undertaken before the implementation of the enterprises. Negotiations with possible investors are being held in order to make improvements on the remaining part of the area as well.

What is also significant for the development of the industrial estate is an effective co-operation between the local authorities and the investors. A good example of a fruitful collaboration of the two sectors is the construction of a new road undertaken by both Gmina of Miekinia and Poland Alloys, Ltd. The result of this mutual enterprise is an improved transport infrastructure within the industrial park as well as a better access to the new plants of Poland Alloy. On the whole, the local authorities are trying to provide all the necessary mains to meet the investors’ demands.

About the industrial estate
The group of lots offered for sale is situated in the economic activity zone Źródła - Błonie. Their area varies from 0.48 ha to 1.89 ha and they are 8 km far from the borders of Wrocław and 22.5 km far from its centre, by the national road No 94 and 25 km from the motorway A4. To ensure easier access and management of the parcels, a new inner road will be built and the powiat road No 2059 has been modernized. All the lots are included in the spatial development plan and in the accordance with it, they will be used for a construction of services and production bases, storehouses as well as warehouses. Complementary constructions will include sports facilities, leisure centres, green areas, inner raod systems, technical infrastructures and car parks.

In the nearest neighbourhood there are unbuilt grounds, and a forest complex, on the other side of the road there are lots designed for an economic activity (partly used). Water, gas and teleinformation mains will be provided.

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